Who’s Mint Blow?


Hi, I'm Isabelle. I live with a non-stopping creative mind, finding possibilities
to exchange and to grow, therefore we are here, aren't we?! 

Picture by Roselinde Bon – @roselindebon

Picture by Roselinde Bon – @roselindebon

I'm Founder of Mint Blow, a passionate Yoga Teacher, Surfer and Graphic
Designer office.net. I was born in Switzerland with a dutch heart
and blessed to live in Conil de la Frontera, Spain – the breath taking
coastline of Andalusia, Costa de la Luz!


My yoga journey


Hatha Vinyasa Flow RYS, 200h / Yin Yoga and Myofascia YACEP, 50h

I started my yoga journey 2003 and fell in love with this philosophical way of life!

Through my traveling I got inspired through different yoga-stiles and it was in 2013 that I became a certified Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher (RYS 200h, by Eva & Henning Moog - Yoga Shala). My yoga practice is based on asanas, meditation and pranayama. I am passionate about Hatha – Ha stands
for Sun and Tha for the Moon. These affect enormously to the planets, the ocean and our bodies in a magical way! Vinyasa, that helps us to connect between our body movements and the breath to flow synchronised from one asana to another. Yoga helps me to focus and rebalance me. Yoga has so many aspects I want to discover on my path of life, so I added Yin Yoga to my practice (YACEP 50h, by Morwenna Truscott & Amèlia Valls Ferrando - The Yoga Bubble). Yin seems to be a perfect complement to all the Yang aspect (the active Part) through surfing and vinyasa yoga.


As a surfer it is my aim to move in harmony with the waves. In my asana practice I move my body with the flow of my breath - the Ujjayi breathing creates the sound of the waves and gives me my own personal rhythm. Either practising yoga or while surfing, you need a calm and focused mind and breath. A flexible body makes you smooth in your movements on the mat as in the water. With yoga you can train the understanding of your body and mind, and also the attention of observing your physical and mental sensations. – The ocean is my guru!


Why Mint Blow?


The name of Mint Blow has been inspired by my first mind-blowing surftrip to Andalusia in 2012…  There I started to refresh and rethinking my life. The color of Mint I always associated with a fresh breeze!  So I let this new breeze into my world of change. The typical Mint Herb from the region is called Yerbabuena – and is as well the most famous Surfspot I was honored to surf! – Namasté