“As a surfer you are one with the elements, as a human one with your
body & soul – let the path of yoga help to get there!”

Illustration by me -    L’OFFICE

Illustration by me - L’OFFICE


You spend hours to read wind and waves, but do you read
your body and soul with the same attention?
Let me help you through yoga to refresh your body and mind…


My philosophy

As an empathic Yoga-Teacher I want to support you, to give you mobility and
strength in whatever your needs or circumstances are…

The last 5 years I was working with surfers, because surfing is a great passion in my life too. Do you give your body the same attention as the sea? 
We should consciously take our time off and take care of ourselves.

As a surfer you may bring neck, shoulders issues or lower back pain
or past injuries within your yoga praxis… I’ll guide you to find a practice to keep up
with your body and mind through softness and strength.

With several Injuries myself I know what it means to deal with these
body & mind limitations but injuries just show up to give you new impulses.
So keep up and you will be kept up  - Yogi Bhajan


Hatha Vinyasa Flow

This way of practicing yoga asana includes many aspects of a physical treat. It is the breath (pranyama) that lead us with its rhythm flowing from asana to asana. Through the movments from Asana to Asana we build up strength.


Yin Yoga is an amazing complement to let the body sink into the postures with a steady breath and no active strength. The Yin way has a much deeper target - we are searching for the internal feeling instead of the visual alignment.
This yoga practice is profound and connected to the joints, the ligaments and the deep Fasias. Holding these Asanas requires the stillness of body, mind and breath.
Yin postures are all related to specific organs and its meridians and help to develope our whole internal nervous system. We can center our entire wellbeing through this simple yoga practice, but like Bernie Clark said: “Simple means not that easy!”

Yin Yoga